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1) Preplanning Services

  • Provide assistance to clients in liaison the property and landlord.
  • Evaluation of proposed sites.
  • Site inspection before handover.

2) Planning and Design

  • Obtain from client all necessary information relating to initial design process by means of meetings fax and telephone conversations.
  • Survey site as far as necessary for work stage.
  • Carry out research into other possible constraints and apply or any preliminary consents if fundamental.
  • Prepare report and present to client.
  • Co-ordinate with building management office.
  • Take over site with client and follow up defects.
  • Analyse client's organization, operation, work flow and related requirements
  • Measure existing furniture, machine and equipment to fit into new site.
  • Prepare preliminary layout plan designing for client comment and input.
  • Make suitable provision for electrical and air-conditioning installations and integrate into overall design.
  • Prepare finalized layout plan, reflected ceiling plan, sketch elevations, color schemes, sample boards, furniture designs, samples of furniture lighting fittings etc.
  • Co-ordinate with telecommunication company and computer company concerning system integration and installation
  • Submit finalized layout plan to building management office and in-house contractors for fire services installation and mechanical and electrical services.
  • Calculate electricity power consumption for appropriate MCB main switch.
  • Estimate total contract sum upon finalized design.

3) Tendering (acting as designer and project manager only)

  • Prepare working drawings and specification to give full description of construction; produce schedules of furnishings with related explanatory drawings to ensure accurate tendering.
  • Agree tendering and contract procedure and particulars with client and prepare list of tenderers; select short list and obtain client's agreement.
  • Sent to client copies of all documents and confirm that they are basis for tenders.
  • Arrange for contractors to have access to site.
  • Arrange pre-tender meetings with suppliers/ contractor if and when appropriate; issue tender documents; and answer any queries raised by tenderers and inform all tenderers of any resultant changes.
  • Arrange for opening of tenders and check that they are correctly submitted.
  • Report to client on cost and programme results.
  • Prepare contract documents

4) Project Management

  • Undertake the administration of the contract in accordance with the agreement made between the contractor and client
  • Prepare working schedule and check the progress of the project.
  • Inspect quality of work in relation to the standards defined by the contract documents.
  • Organize and chair regular site meetings and invite client to attend if he is needed to make specific decisions on site.
  • Keep client inform of all changes that materially affect the design cost or program; contract progress, progress, possible delays and possible variations in costs
  • Initiate appropriate actions for commissioning and testing mechanical and engineering installations and services.
  • Check contractor's insurance and inform client of his insurance obligations.
  • Acts on behalf of the client to design and negotiate the price of additional items with contractors.
  • Visit contractor's premises as required to check off-site preparations
  • Examine claims for extra payment and extension of time and adjudicate fairly and promptly under procedures set out in contract.
  • Hold handover meeting and issue formal notice of project completion.
  • Arrange for any urgent maintenance work after completion.
  • Carry out final inspection of works and if satisfied authorize release of retention sum

5) Contracting Services

  • Air-conditioning system installation.
  • Fire service system modification and installation.
  • Mechanical and electrical installation.
  • Carpentry work.
  • Suspended ceiling installing.
  • Flooring work.
  • Furniture making and system furniture purchasing.
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